Tosha Herrman

Tosha Ryan


           Height: 5’4                Weight: 130                         Hair: Blond                       Eyes: Hazel

High School Health                            Lead                                        McGraw/Hill

Life on Hold                                       Lead                                        Titan TV
A-T Telethon                                       Host                                        Titan TV
Dance 360                                           Dancer                                     UPN   

Picasso at the Lapin Agile                  Germaine                                 Frederic March Theatre
Grapes of Wrath                                 Rose of Sharon                       Frederic March Theatre
Odell and Myrna*                               Myrna                                      Frederic March Theatre
True West                                            Mom                                        Frederic March Theatre
Complete Works of W. Shakespeare  Jess                                          Frederic March Theatre
School For Scandal                             Maria                                       Frederic March Theatre
*Nominated for the Irene Ryan Award

Available upon request

Improvisation                                      University of WI-Oshkosh     Dan Katula
Acting Studios 1-4                              University of WI-Oshkosh     Merlaine Angwall

Los Angeles, CA:
Acting Master’s Class                         The Actors Spot                      Patrick Malone
Private Coaching                                                                                  Bernard Hiller
Cold Reading Technique                                                                    Joey Paul Jensen
Acting/Monologue                                                                              Angela Campolla-Sanders
Acting/Monologue                                                                              Helen Anzalone
Cold Reading                                                                                      Bob Krakower
Chicago, IL:
Audition Clinic                                   The Audition Studio               Rachael Patterson
Auditioning for Theatre                      The Audition Studio               Erica Daniels
Auditioning for Commercials             The Audition Studio               Carole Dibo
Private Coaching                                 The Audition Studio               Barbara Wruck-Thometz
Acting/Film &Television                     Act One Studios                     Connie Foster

Cheerleading, Dance: Jazz, Tap, High Kick, Pom Pon, Clog, Irish, Lyrical

Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Pageant 2009 - Click here
Miss Lakeshore Pageant - Title: Miss Lakeshore 2009
Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Pageant 2008 - Click here
Miss Oshkosh Pageant – Title: Miss Oshkosh 2008
Best New Talent – 02, 03 Monologue, Cold Reading, Hosting, Commercial, Dance
Many awards for dance



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